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4 SDI to IP encoder
4 SDI to IP encoder

4 SDI to IP encoder

Product ID : STR-3014S
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Input: 4 SDI & 4 audio signal input

Output: 4 IP signal output

h.264 encoding

Supports RTSP / RTP / RTMP / HTTP / UDP unicast, multicast and other protocols

Product Description

Outline 4 SDI to IP STR-3014S encoder is a professional high-definition audio and video encoding product. The SD streaming encoder has support for four high-definition or four-channel SD SDI audio and video acquisition functions, four 3.5MM independent external audio input, with SDI loop output , Encode and output dual stream H.264 format, audio MP3 / AAC format. The encoding bit rate is adjustable and the picture quality can be controlled. Supports HTTP / RTSP / RTP / RTMP / UDP and other protocol transmissions. Easy to use, there are no hardware compatibility issues.


◆Embedded hardware coding
◆ Standard 1U rack type
◆ Support multiple displays of one computer at the same time
◆ Supports direct network connection without using HD capture card
◆ Network interface adopts 1000M full-duplex mode
◆ 4-channel SDI interface input, 4-channel 3.5MM independent audio interface input.
◆ Support external independent audio input, audio gain, and the volume can be adjusted independently
◆ Support SD SDI input and HD video input up to 720P, 1080P
◆ Supports RTSP / RTP / RTMP / HTTP / UDP unicast, multicast and other protocols

 (RTMP supports adding users and passwords), supports DHCP protocol, ONVIF protocol, and supports Blu-ray HD
◆ Compatible with streaming media servers such as Wowza / FMS / RED5, 

and cooperate with streaming media server to push DC to achieve live video
◆ Supports multi-protocol and multi-stream functions such as primary and secondary. 

The primary and secondary streams can be transmitted using different network protocols.
◆ Bit rate control CBR / VBR 16KBIT / S ~ 12MBIT / S
◆ Video packing method: A mode: FFMPEG, B mode: VLC
◆ Support stream resolution custom output settings
◆ Transmission method: TCP, UDP, 1000M (RJ45 duplex network port)
◆ Support code stream to add watermark function (OSD), XY axis, font can be set
◆ Support WEB Chinese and English webpage access, change password, support WAN remote management (WEB)
◆ Support DHCP to obtain IP automatically, support one-click restore, version upgrade and remote maintenance.
◆ Image settings: contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering
◆ Support both built-in and external ways, support left and right channels.
◆ Support one-click to restore the default configuration, support no video signal encoding, the setting takes effect immediately without restarting
◆ Support STB decoding
◆ Low power consumption design

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter of 4 SDI to IP encoder

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