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  • Modulator Bandwidth & Bitrate
    07.06.2023 Blogs
    What is the relationship between the maximum output bit rate of the modulator and the bandwidth, symbol rate, and constellation?Table of Contents1. What is modulation bandwidth?1.1 What is the formula for bandwidth in modulation?1.2. I......
  • What is the IPTV solution for hospitals?
    08.11.2023 Blogs
    Table of Contents1. IPTV Hospital Introduction 2. What are the benefits of IPTV in Hospitals?    Improved Patient Experience    Convey important information to clients     Improved Patient Education&n......
  • What is CATV? 17 Questions
    14.11.2023 Blogs
    Table of Contents1. What is CATV?    Q: What does CATV mean?    Q: Is CATV the same as cable TV?    Q: Who owns CATV?2. Cable TV systems    Q: What is a CATV system?     Q:&nb......