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What's the OTT?

What's the OTT?

OTT is the abbreviation of "Over The Top", which is derived from sports such as basketball. It means to pass over the top, that is, to cross the operator and develop various video and data service business applications based on the open Internet. Applications of mobile application store like WeChat,they are all OTT. Compared to the network-based live broadcast and on-demand services provided by radio and television set-top boxes and telecom's IPTV, OTT   Internet companies are on the server and can be displayed on laptops, computers, and PADs via the Internet. The display is not limited to TV screens. The limitation of the display terminal brought by the traditional method is avoided. OTT stands for over-the-top latest TV services.

The screen rotation function is one of the important functions of OTT. The screen rotation function has a wide application prospects in the fields of home entertainment, business and office. The full name of DLNA is Digital Living Network Alliance, which was initiated by Sony, Intel, Microsoft, Google, etc., and aims to solve the interconnection of smart devices, so that digital media files can be freely transmitted and shared between different devices. AirPlay is a wireless sharing protocol developed by Apple. Through AirPlay technology, you can easily transfer files wirelessly between different iOS devices. Miracast is a wireless transmission protocol initiated by Wi-FiAlliance. Miracast users can enjoy browsing photos taken by smartphones on large-screen TVs, sharing notebook screens in real-time through meeting room projectors, or watching home network TV set-top boxes on tablets. Live show.

OTT is also the nickname of Internet TV set-top box business by international Internet operators. Its essence is to provide high-definition video, games and applications to smart set-top boxes through the open Internet by using a unified content management and distribution platform "Cloud TV" technology system architecture, for example transmits video programs (live streaming) transmitted over the Internet to the TV. Compared with traditional Cable TV only support TVs or STB, OTT terminals can be smart tv, computers, set-top boxes, PADs, mobile phones, and so on. On OTT platforms, OTT content is delivered via an Internet connection rather than through a traditional cable/broadcast provider, support internet protocols. OTT services not only include live, video on demand, welcome customed personalized functions, interface, advertisement

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