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ott apk install and test on mobile

ott apk install and test on mobile

How to install and test OTT APK on our mobile?

Firstly you can watch the operation video link :

How to install the ott app install on phone .mp4

Then follow the operation steps. Here are 5 steps for installing and testing for OTT APPS:

Step1. Install the APK.

ott player appDownload APK for free Testing

Step2. Open the APK, fill in the server address and port,

install ott player apk

Step3. Click register to register the user name and password.



ott system register on android phone

account for ott system

Step4. Login with this username and password

testing ott player apk

Step5. After logging in, notify us to assign live and VOD programs here.

 ott vod and live


Visit OTT web management:


username: admin


For more information about the OTT system, click here