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To create your own IPTV systems, there are many factors to consider. How can we choose a suitable solution for our project?


1. Signal source

How many ways? HD or SD?

Program source from Encoder? or from the satellite signal with free or encrypted?

2. End users

The end user are smart TV / set-top boxes, Android mobile phones, or tablets?

How many users are there?

3. Application Envoirement

Is it for a hotel? community, hospital, or others

What corresponding functions are required

Does the hotel need to integrate PMS, and does the hospital need to integrate nurse calling?

These will require confirming many details before building to estimate the cost of the project.

In fact, terminals QTY and the total bitrate of the channels determine which server is needed. we can calculate CPU utilization based on them.

So we made 4 IPTV solutions for optional. If you want to quickly get a solution quotation and give feedback to the customer as soon as possible, this can help you.

IPTV solution 1

  •   ConnectionSource àIPTV separate serveràswitchàSTB

  •   Application: 500pcs~10 000pcs endusers(Smart TV/STB or Anroid phone/Tablets)

  •   IPTV Diagram:

  build your own iptv based on http.jpg


create your own iptv system based on udp

  •   Advantage:

        1. Support all IPTV functions, like LIVE,VOD, AD, Booting Video, and Welcome….

        2..Can control all STB behavior, any


        For more functions please visit the solution links

  •   Disadvantage: The cost of  Dell or Lenovo servers and Middleware are not cheap

IPTV solution 2

  • Connection: Source (SPTS)àswitchàSTB

  • Advantage:

     1. Minimum cost without server and Middleware

     2. only need one APK installed in STB;

  • Disadvantage:

     Cannot control all STB behavior, once need to update STB APK, need to update one by one.

IPTV solution 3

  • Connection: Sourceà Gateway(STGI-7100F)àswitchàSTB

  •   IPTV Diagram:

build your own iptv streaming server

  • Advantage:

     1. Support Live, AD, booting video 

     2. Support update it from STB

     3. can realize program list from the management page 

     4. Cost-effective

      Know more about 7100F, please visit the gateway server links

  • Disadvantage: only can connect a maximum of 200 STB

IPTV solution 4

  • Connection: Sourceà Gateway Server (STGI-7100I )àswitchàSTB

  • IPTV Diagram:

 best iptv solutions

  • Advantage:

     1. Support live, VOD and AD, ordering services, hotel self-run video program, and so on

     2. Multiple functions with cost-effective, no need for extra Server and Middleware

     3. Can control STB behavior; can update it from STB; can realize program list from management page.

Know more about 7100I, please visit the gateway server links

  • Disadvantage:

     Only can connect a maximum of 500 STB.

      The cost of the IPTV Gateway Server (STGI-7100I)