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Streaming Media server for IPTV (100~500 Terminal)
Streaming Media server for IPTV (100~500 Terminal)

Streaming Media server for IPTV (100~500 Terminal)

Product ID : STGI-7100I
Product Attributes :

Input: IP input over HTTP, UDP (SPTS), RTP(SPTS), 

           RTSP (over UDP, payload: MPEG TS) and HLS

First Data port (1000M): IP out over HTTP (Unicast), 

           UDP(SPTS, Multicast) HLS and RTMP 

use manual for iptv software broadcasting Download Gateway Server User Manual

Product Description


STGI-7100I streaming media server for IPTV (100~500 Terminal) combined with IP Gateway and IPTV server in one unit. It is used for protocol conversion scenarios and streaming media distribution scenarios. It can convert the broadcast network IP stream over HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, HLS and TS files into HTTP, UDP, HLS, and RTMP protocols. In addition, it integrates an IPTV system and users can upload VOD sources on it with huge memory. In conclusion, this full-function device makes it ideal for small CATV head-end systems, especially in hotel TV systems, community tv systems, hospital tv systems…

vod streaming server for IPTV

Key Features

*  IPTV Gateway + IPTV server in one device

*  Manage gateway and IPTV server separately

*  HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, and HLS in→HTTP, UDP, HLS, and RTMP out

*  IPTV Functions: Live channel, VOD, Hotel intro, Dining, Hotel service, Scenery intro, APPS, and so on

*  Adding scrolling caption, welcome words, pictures, advertisement, video, music in the main interface

*  TS files uploading through Web management

*  IP anti- jitter function

*  Downloading IPTV APK directly from this device   

*  Support program playing with APK downloaded android STB and TV, maximum 500 terminals

*  Control via web-based NMS management through DATA port

server streaming video


streaming media server Application

Technical Specifications 

Technical Specifications  of vod streaming server

Test Data For Reference

IPTV software broadcasting test

Order Guide

order guide for vod streaming server

IPTV Servers-Recommend

Terminals more than 500pcs, for example 10 000STB project

For a simple IPTV project with 20~80 Terminal

video server for iptv.jpg

link for live streaming server ip tv .jpg

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