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Audio Broadcast Controller
Audio Broadcast Controller

Audio Broadcast Controller

Product ID : ST-5311B
Product Description


ST-5311B audio broadcast controller is a highly integrated professional broadcast control device for digital emergency broadcast platforms; the device supports 1 RF input and loop-out, 1 FM signal input, 1 Gigabit IP input, 2 sets of RCA audio signal inputs, 1 ASI input, 1 USB plug-in, 1 microphone and telephone signal (wired and wireless) input; supports 1 ASI output, 1 RCA audio output, 4 Gigabit IP outputs, 1 FM frequency modulation output, supports RDS output, supports local monitoring function and professional management interface, supports serial port access and GPS input. The device is highly integrated and can receive signals from superiors and broadcast to the next level. It can send control instructions to the next level. It can also implement real-time emergency broadcasts through various forms such as phone calls, text messages or microphones, and can also play DVDs. , USB and other devices output audio broadcast programs, can be widely used in digital emergency broadcast systems.



  • Integrate receiving, encoding, and broadcast control management functions into one, with high integration level

  • Can receive and retransmit signals from superiors

  • Support real-time emergency interruption (wired phone, wireless phone, text message, microphone, one-key emergency (long press the power button) and RCA audio signal emergency interruption)

  • Support priority broadcasting, emergency broadcasts are broadcast first

  • Support regional broadcasting

  • Support FM input and output and RDS output

  • Support 100 scheduled daily broadcasts

  • The emergency broadcast content of phone calls and text messages can be stored, queried, and traceable

  • Supports saving 900 phone call records and 900 text message records

  • The broadcast has a whitelist setting function, which can store 500 numbers and authorize them to be whitelisted

  • Automatically filter incoming calls and text messages from unauthorized numbers to ensure safe broadcasting

  • The device only broadcasts calls from designated authorized landline or mobile phone numbers.

  • The device only broadcasts text messages sent from designated authorized mobile phone numbers, and the broadcast delay can be set

  • Support setting keyboard lock password to ensure the security of the control system

  • Supports computer network remote authorization query function, which can query incoming call records, phone recordings and other information

  • Supports automatic identification of FSK and DTMF incoming call formats

  • Built-in monitoring speakers for high-fidelity signal source monitoring

  • Software system supports remote control, configuration and maintenance

  • Support LCD & button operation

Technical Parameter

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