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Emergency Broadcast System
Emergency Broadcast System

Emergency Broadcast System

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Sighton Emergency Broadcast system is mainly composed of a county-level broadcast control center, town broadcast room and village receiving terminal.

All the daily broadcast and emergency broadcast are processed by the encoder out of the IP stream, and then multiplexed by the IP multiplexer output IP and ASI, ASI through the national standard modulator and cable TV network mixed transmission to the national standard launch base station.

IP signal through the GPON\EPON\VPN and other private networks, the emergency broadcast transmission to the township room.

Through the emergency broadcast management software, the broadcast program can be easily played according to the region, timed automatic playback, and the whole county broadcast automatically started.

When emergency broadcasting is needed, counties, towns, and villages can be interrupted by telephone, short message, or special equipment authorization.


emergency broadcast system


1. IP signal transmission at county, town and village levels

Utilizing the established IP network + wireless coverage to transmit digital emergency broadcast village sound system signals, there is no need for repeated investment, the network construction is relatively simple, cost saving, and installation is convenient.

2. Scheduled broadcast, automatic broadcast, and regional broadcast

Through system management, scheduled broadcasts, automatic broadcasts, and regional broadcasts can be realized to achieve unattended functions.

3. Implement authority management, giving priority to superiors and emergencies

Multi-level linkage broadcast, the upper-level broadcast can interrupt the lower-level broadcast, emergency broadcast takes precedence over daily broadcast, the priority level is adjustable, and has multiple emergency management channels

(Public Security, Meteorology, Emergency Management Office, etc.) to make interruptions.

4. The terminal implements two modes of reception and serves as a backup for each other.

Each terminal has national standard and IP receiving functions, and can automatically determine whether to receive programs of its own level or higher level according to the broadcast priority, ensuring that in the event of equipment failure in the lower level computer room or

When the receiver is turned off, the receiving terminal's listening to the superior broadcast will not be affected. Dual-mode reception is more stable, IP and national standard demodulation back up each other and automatically switch.

5. The receiving terminal supports IP or GPRS backhaul working status

Each receiving terminal (amplifier, amplifier, sound column) is equipped with IP and GPRS interfaces, which can be selected according to needs during construction.

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