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Telephone Encoding Broadcast Controller
Telephone Encoding Broadcast Controller

Telephone Encoding Broadcast Controller

Product ID : ST-5300B
Product Description


Sighton ST-5300B Telephone Encoding Broadcast Controller is a highly integrated professional broadcast control device mainly used for village broadcasts and emergency broadcast platforms. The device supports a microphone, audio signal, USB signal, and phone signal input, supports ASI and IP output, supports local monitoring function, and has a professional management interface; the device is highly integrated and can be implemented through various forms such as phone calls, text messages or microphones. Real-time emergency broadcasts can also play audio broadcast programs output from DVD, USB, and other devices, and support one-click switching between daily broadcast and emergency broadcast modes. It can be widely used in village and emergency broadcasting systems.



  • Integrate receiving, encoding and broadcast control management functions into one, with high integration level

  • Support real-time emergency interruption (wired phone, wireless phone, text message, microphone and RCA audio signal emergency interruption)

  • Supports telephone broadcast control to lower level or point-to-point switching (free switching)

  • Support priority broadcasting, emergency broadcasts are broadcast first

  • Support regional broadcasting

  • SMS emergency broadcast content can be stored, queried, and traceable

  • Supports saving 900 phone call records and 900 text message records

  • The broadcast has a whitelist setting function, which can store 500 numbers and authorize them to be whitelisted

  • Automatically filter incoming calls and text messages from unauthorized numbers to ensure safe broadcasting

  • The device only broadcasts calls from designated authorized landline or mobile phone numbers.

  • The device only broadcasts text messages sent from the designated authorized mobile phone number.

  • Support setting keyboard lock password to ensure the security of the control system

  • Supports computer network remote authorization query function, which can query incoming call records, phone recordings and other information

  • Supports automatic identification of FSK and DTMF incoming call formats

  • Built-in monitoring speakers for high-fidelity signal source monitoring

  • The software system supports remote control, configuration and maintenance

  • Support LCD & button operation

  • Supports one-click activation of emergency/normal broadcast function;

  • Emergency broadcast priority can be customized (upper priority/lower priority) function;

  • It has the function of monitoring output sound source, and the monitoring volume is adjustable;

  • The broadcast program stream PID and program number can be set through the function buttons on the front panel;

  • It has one microphone input and two audio input interfaces, and the microphone and audio volume are adjustable;

  • Remote terminal control function;

  • System logic code addressing operation function;

  • Support USB playback function;

Technical Parameter

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