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IPTV hospital with video on demand
IPTV hospital with video on demand

IPTV hospital with video on demand

Product ID : IPTV-Hospital
Product Attributes :

Application: Hospitals

Completed IPTV Solution includes: Gateway, Encoder, IPTV Middleware, Android Boxes, APK 

download app for tv solutions iptv Download Hospital APK for Free Testing

Product Description


Sighton IPTV hospital supports many kinds of IPTV functions: Live broadcasts, VOD Functions, Hospital homepage customed, welcome, department introduction, Doctor information, Advertising, and other Value-added Services.

Support IPTV system integration with the nurse call system.

Support Customized welcome interface for the hospital.

Support administrator to distribute role authority to manage

support manage all of the functions, like Live and VOD through the Management interface

IPTV Hospital Video link (taken by phone) 


hospital iptv functions


Customized EPG Interface   

  • Customized EPG interface for hospitals, communities, and other industries. 

  • The system wallpaper is changeable and EPG content is editable.

  • Various business modes blend in the IPTV system

  • Support modular interface and convenient to docking with third part manage software

Live Channel/Playback

  • Support HD/SD cable channel, satellite channel and hotel self-made channel broadcast

  • Support playback shifted live channel, shifting duration can be customized

   Live Video link(taken by phone)


  • Support up to 1080P/60Hz full HD video

  • Support hardware decoding, and play HD videos smoothly

  • Classify movie files, convenient for selecting

Advertisement System—Value-added Services

  • Hotel or hospital owners can set up advertisement businesses to increase revenues. 

  • Ad modes include booting ad, EPG ad, VOD ad, pictures, text ad, etc

Mass HD Programs

  • Support 1080P/60Hz full HD video

  • Mass resource of Video on Demand including movies, entertainment, factual shows and etc

CAS (Conditional Access System)

  • Our conditional access system gives the customer choice over pay channels and prevents unauthorized access.

PMS integration

  • Support IPTV system integrate with a nurse call system

  • Hospital Functions

become iptv provider for hospitcal

Info. Department, Doctor, Patient

hospital iptv functions introduction

Vod and Live

vod video on demand and live

Solution Map

hospital iptv based on http solution


IPTV Server Recommended configurationhow to become iptv provider

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vod video on demand

Operation steps for installing and testing the android IPTV App 

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