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IPTV System for Hotels with Middleware
IPTV System for Hotels with Middleware

IPTV System for Hotels with Middleware

Product ID : IPTV-Hotel
Product Attributes :

Application: Hotels 

Completed IPTV Solution includes: Gateway, Encoder, IPTV Middleware, Android Boxes, APK 

iptv for hotel Download Hotel Functions Introduction

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Product Description


As we know IPTV functions usually include live tv channels, video on demand, as playback &time shifting of all live broadcasts. We have realized the content from passively watching TV output to choosing according to our own needs and hobbies. The hotel IPTV system is combined with the hotel industry on this basis. It combined with the actual situation of the hotel; some more intelligent functions are compatible with the system according to the different needs of the hotel.

For a part of hotels, they may only need hotel welcome screens, that is, when the TV in the hotel is turned on, it will appear: XX Hotel welcomes you, has the hotel's own logo and adds the regular family functions. For another part hotel, more refined customization may be required on this basis, such as processing logos and some special columns such as hotel introduction, in-hotel meal ordering, room service, etc. 

In addition to the special requirements for booting, a special interface may be required to control all tools in the room, hotel introduction and other city reservations, and reservations for various facilities in the hotel: such as fitness facilities, Meeting room reservations, laundry service, room service, and more. In addition to the richer internal functions, there may be more external connections, such as ticketing systems, car-hailing services, city introductions, recommendations for nearby popular attractions, and other third-party platforms that need to be connected. Of course, there are also shopping malls etc.

Based on different needs, Sighton's hotel IP TV Solutions provide you with a variety of solutions (including hardware and iptv middleware)for dozens of guest rooms to tens of thousands of users:


Solution Map

live video streaming solutions

hotel iptv solution


*Live tv broadcasts Live Video link(taken by phone)

*VOD Function

* Hotel IPTV System-OEM Version

* Welcome Words

* Hotel introduction

Food Ordering


* Scenery Introduction

* Room Services

* Goods Rental

* Evaluation System

* Order Processing

* System Setting

*Support integrated PMS

* Support Checking Client information, Check-in Management

*Support access to CIBN genuine platform, massive high-definition genuine film sources.

IPTV for Hotel-OEM Version 

iptv system for hotels welcome interface.jpg

IPTV for Hotel Introduce

hotel iptv system introduction

Room Services

iptv for hotel about room services

Scenery Introduction

scenery introduction from iptv system for hotels

Food Order

hotel iptv solution functions

Evaluation System

evaluation iptv for hotel 1k

IPTV Server Recommended configuration

IPTV Server for live video streaming solutionsIPTV Application

live video streaming solutions

iptv system based on http solution.jpg

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Operation steps for installing and testing the android IPTV App 

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