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Dell Sever& IPTV Middleware for 10k terminal
Dell Sever& IPTV Middleware for 10k terminal

Dell Sever& IPTV Middleware for 10k terminal

Product ID : STTP-BS58
Product Description

OEM Welcome Interface:



1. Live Channel/Playback

Support HD/SD cable channel, satellite channel, and hotel self-made channel broadcast

Support playback shifted live channel

100 programs,75*HD, 25*SD

2. VOD

Support up to 1080P/60Hz full HD video

Support hardware decoding, play HD videos smoothly

Support uploading all kinds of movie shows with multiple formats: mp4, Mkv, ts, etc.1.

3. Advertisement System—Value-added Services

For example, discounts in supermarkets, scrolling through pictures and text

Ad modes include booting ad, VOD ad, pictures and text ad, etc
4. CAS (Conditional Access System)

Our conditional access system gives the customer choice of overpaying channels that prevent unauthorized access.

5. PMS integration

Support IPTV system integrated with hotel PMS


For example, the administrator chooses some live programs or on-demand programs as paid programs

7. Music

upload music, play

8. Third-party APP

Clients can install third-party apps on the TV, like YouTube, Google, HBO, Netflix, etc as they want.

9. Emergency insertion

For example, if there is a sudden rainstorm, administrators stop the live programs and choose pictures, videos, text, and other forms to notice residents

10. Multi-authority management.

Multiple background management accounts

Assigned to administrators with different management rights

11. Terminal controllable, group management

For example, we can let the clients from group A only watch 5 channels live, group B can watch 100 channels live broadcasts, while C can watch 100 live broadcasts + VOD programs

12. Others

Page customization Choose personalized pages

Launch video customization on TV

Support multiple languages, accept-language customization

Support remote access server

Support online remote upgrade

Management System:

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Economic IPTV Solution with 10 000 STB Terminal

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