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How to make an IPTV server?

How to make an IPTV server?

How to make an IPTV Server?

Table of Contents

1. What is IPTV Server? 

2. How to make an IPTV Server?

2.1 How to start your own IPTV business?

2.2 How to set up your own IPTV network?

2.3 How to Choose an IPTV Server?

What functions need to be implemented?

3. How to setup IPTV server on Ubuntu?

3.1 Prepare a Server

3.2 Install the Ubuntu system

3.3 How to install IPTV Middleware?

4. How to upgrade IPTV Server?

5. Question when using IPTV

1. What is IPTV Server?

IPTV(Internet Protocol Television): It provides a variety of digital media services including TV programs through Internet protocols.

IPTV Server: IPTV Middleware runs on a professional server, receives TV signal sources via the Internet or LAN, distributes programs to terminals, manages terminal users, realizes interactive communication, on-demand, high-definition program live broadcast, portal customization, and advertising value-added services, etc.

Hotel IPTV Server

Besides of above functions, It also includes Hotel Hotel introduction, Client Welcome Words, Food Ordering, Room Services, Goods Rental, Order Processing, Scenery Introduction, and integrated PMS to do the payment online and so on.

Hospital IPTV Server 

It also includes Hospital introduction, department information, expert introduction, user group management, integrated nurse calling system, and so on.


Vod Server supports Video-on-Demand, Like Youtube. It has 4T/8T Hard Disk.

Live Server( Media Server): It converts the broadcast network IP stream over HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, and HLS and TS files into HTTP, UDP, HLS, and RTMP protocol, then stream media distribution.

Value-added services include advertising, user management, portal customization and etc.

2. How to make an IPTV Server?

2.1 How to start your own IPTV business? 

Research your market.

Choose the right IPTV business model.

Obtain the necessary licenses and permissions.

Select the right solution providers and suppliers for your IPTV business.

Build a customer base. 

Offer a wide range of content

Promote your IPTV business.

2.2 How to set up your own IPTV network?

There are 2 IPTV networking modes: one is unicast HLS/HTTP mode, and the other one is multicast UDP/RTP mode.

Take hotel IPTV as an example. Generally, hotels with less than 1,000 terminals use unicast HLS/HTTP mode.


The other is the multicast method, which is aimed at large users, such as thousands or tens of thousands of end users.


2.3 How to Choose an IPTV Server? 

There are two options, one is to purchase server hardware, and the other is to rent a cloud server.

You can buy server hardware, or rent cloud server service.

Taking the hardware server as an example, the configuration of the server is selected according to the number of programs and the number of end users.


User QTY<= 1,000pcs users


Test data for reference


Server Parameters Table

 If users 600pcs<=users<=1000pcs, we can use 2 units servers as cluster servers.

User QTY>=1,000pcs 

Using the multicast method is more cost-effective. Based on the UDP solution, the signal source output directly passes through the switch to the set-top box, and the server only serves as a management and VOD service. The CPU resources consumed are mainly from the management of set-top boxes and VOD services.


Product structure 2U

CPU type Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4

CPU model Xeon E5-2620 v4

CPU frequency 2.1GHz

Intelligent acceleration frequency 3.0GHz

Standard CPU number 1

Maximum number of CPUs 2

Process technology 14nm

Level 3 cache 20MB

Bus specification QPI 8GT/s

CPU core eight-core

Number of CPU threads 16 threads

Expansion slot supports up to 9 PCIe expansion slots

Memory Type DDR4

Memory capacity 16GB

3. How to setup an IPTV server on Ubuntu?

3.1 Prepare a Server

A Dell server (or other brands, 7100S gateway server integrated IPTV Middleware already before the factory, no need to install, plug and play)

3.2 Install the Ubuntu system

Although it can be operated on Windows, but it is recommended to use Ubuntu because the operation is more stable.

  • step1: Download OS file

  • step2: Install OS

  • step3: system configuration

  • step4: Setup other necessary software: mscore, mysql,tomcat

  • step5: Setup IPTV software

  • step6: Copy the directory pro centric/ to  /usr/local/mstomcat/webapps/

  • step7: Configure LG TV

  • For details on the operation, please download the user manual.

user manual

3.3 How to install IPTV Middleware?

What is IPTV middleware?

It is a Middleware, which runs on the servers and realizes Live, VOD, and other value-added services, suitable for different application scenarios like hotels, communities, hospitals, schools, prisons, etc.

  • Step1: Switch to root user

if don’t have a root password, need to set it first. sudo passwd root

set a new password to msos123root

then through su root command, switch it to the root user

  • Step2: Copy files to the server 

Through Winscp tool,send files to the server /home path

Use the root user and password to login to Winscp 

  • Step3: Install all software
  1. Enter /home/IPTV

  2. cd /home/IPTV

  3. install files

  4. chmod 777 mstomcat.pkg

  5. ./mstomcat.pkg

  6. chmod 777 iptv_normal.pkg

  7. ./iptv_normal.pkg

  8. chmod 777 mscore_release.pkg

  9. ./mscore_release.pkg

  • Step 4:.reboot server
  • Step5 .configure all parameters
  1. Check the server’s IP, access it by windows pc ,access addrss is server ip address:8030/iptv

  2. Default user: admin

  3. Default pwd:123456

  4. For example

  5. Enter web guiservice management->STB management ,upload STB auth count file, COS[L10000000.T5][test]

  6. Enter system setting, set media server ip/port, and timeshift ip/port to serverip:50000

  7. For example

  • Step6:offical version auth

    The trial version only supports 5 STB connections.

    If need auth official version, need offer the operator number and ms_authentbasecode file to us.

  1. Export Register file 

    Operator numbers are in web guisystem setting page. This is one 8 digital number.

    ms_authentbasecode file is in/etc/mscore/authent/ path, export it by winscp.

  2. Import auth file

     We will make auth file that COSL10000000.TXT and ms_authentlicense depend on customer’s requirement.

     Customers need to upload COSL10000000.TXT in the STB management page.

     Need to upload ms_authentlicense to /etc/mscore/authent/ path by winscp.

     Reboot your server, and finished all auth.

  • Step7.how to connect STB to server
  1. install community APK.

  2. installed, enter system setting-> more settings, set STB’s static IP, and set it to the same network segment as the server's ip.

  3. return system settings page, set server IP, and port .default port is 8030.

  4. in web gui-->user management, create a new user and order STB.

  5. login in STB with this user

4. How to upgrade IPTV Server?

For Dell servers, please refer to the above. 

Take the 7100S server (integrated Middleware) as an example, please see the video:


5. Questions when using IPTV Server

How to change IP of the server?

For example, if we want to change now IP to new IP, here are the steps:

1) change the IP of the server’s NIC to the new IP

2) replace the old IP address with the new IP address within <url> of xait.xml file /usr/local/mstomcat/webapps/procentric/application/xait.xml,  please also increase <versionNumber> by adding 1 within same xait.xml file(if you don’t change this version, on TV you have to do factory setting).

3) apply this new IP address on the TV to start a new connection. 

What to do if URL http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8030/iptv2/ can not be opened?

Please see if you can access http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8030. If not, maybe tomcat is not running correctly, please restart tomcat or reboot server to try it again. 

How to restart Tomcat?

/usr/local/mstomcat/bin# ./shutdown.sh

/usr/local/mstomcat/bin# ./start.sh

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