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Conditional access system(CAS) for cable systems
Conditional access system(CAS) for cable systems

Conditional access system(CAS) for cable systems

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Conditional access systems(CAS) is an important application in digital interactive TV. Like EPG and SMS systems, it is a basic business, which is regarded as the symbol of digital TV. With the foresight idea, our Ensurity will continue to protect your business in the future.

Conditional access system


Conditions of access

High SecurityHigh secrutiy for Conditions of access

  • Multi-layer encryption mixed with opening and private algorithm 

  • Against the potential attacks of the hardware and software

  •  Smart card self-lock in abnormal network

  •  Smart Card online upgrade

  • Black List Setting to avoid potential attacks

Cost Effectivecost effecctive when using CAS

  • 10 years of overseas market capacity to ensure the lower purchasing costs

  • Local technical support team to ensure lower the cost

  • Multi companies can share one head-end, but manage their own customers and keep their own customer info in secret

End-to-End SolutionConditional access system support end-to-end

  • DVB-C/T/S/S2/Wireless Total Solution

  • All the devices are self-developed

  • Save the project installation time

  • One-stop solution, one-stop service

Enhanced Functionenhanced function for Conditional access system

  • Payment made with mobile phone SMS

  • Multiple operator control

  • More than 20 enhanced functions are available

  • Advanced conditional addressing function

  • Force OSD

  • One-to-one STB & Card Pairing

  • Operator ID-based CA system---Only for Ensurity 2.0

SMS APP on Smartphonesms for Conditional access system

  • Supporting IOS 11.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above

  • Being attached to the unique operator ID/CAS Server

  • New Account/Ordering product/Charging/Recharging/Authorizing

CA Server Configuration

Conditions of access server configuration

data sheet for Conditions of access

Main Function Overview

  • OSD Management

OSD (On-Screen-Display) is a subtitle shown at a certain position (up, down, both two sides, etc) of the TV. The difference between OSD and TV Email is that the TV Email is stored in the STB. If subscriber does not delete it, then the Email will be stored in the STB permanently. Although the OSD has a certain duration and showing times, it will disappear after expiration or cancel by CAS in advance.

  • Emergency Broadcasting

Emergency Broadcasting means that the operator could force all the subscribers, or certain subscribers to watch a certain channel within a certain duration. During emergency broadcasting, the STB remote control can not be able to work. They must watch the appointed channel unless the subscriber turns off the TV or the STB. The major function of emergency broadcasting is to broadcast emergent information such as the fire alarm to the whole network or certain subscribers.

  • Pin Unlock

The PIN is the password. Subscribers must input the PIN when operating some functions, like smart card level, working time control, etc. The major function of the PIN protection module is to safeguard the operation of this password.

  • Area Control

If the operation has more than one separate area, by using this function, it can guarantee the current smart card can only be used in an appointed location. The smart card can not be used if moved to another area.

  • Random Fingerprint

All the fingerprints can be displayed randomly on the screen. The fingerprint content can be the “card number” or “STB Number”.

  • Black List

In case any subscriber is found out to have illegal or abnormal behavior with the IC card. Operators can drag this card into the blacklist and this card will no longer resume.

  • ECM Fingerprint

It is the fingerprint sent to different programs and users. Its display duration, off duration, foreground color, and background color can be configured separately. It can be a“Displayed” or “Hidden” finger.  

  • EMM Fingerprint

It is the fingerprint that must be displayed on all programs with the same display duration, off duration, foreground color, and background color. It can be a“Displayed” or “Hidden”finger.  

  • Force OSD

It refers to the OSD which is enforced to send to certain programs. It is a frame staying on the TV screen and covering the picture. Subscribers are not able to cancel it or change channels. The OSD frame size, frame transparency, font color, display duration, stop duration and etc can be set manually.

  • Programs Expiration Reminder

When the product package expired, a text message can be displayed on the screen to remind subscribers.

  • Working Time Control

Subscribers could set the working hours of a smart card so that the smart card can work only within a certain duration. Only within the working duration, can the customers use a smart card to watch TV. For the rest of the time, even though there are entitlements, the smart card is still not able to do the de-encryption and de-scrambling. This is specially designed for families with children.

  • Unauthorized Programs Watching Time Setting 

Subscribers could watch the unauthorized programs within a certain duration, and STB will remind subscribers to buy the programs after the specified time limit.

  • One-to-one STB & Card Pairing

Every STB has a unique serial number. Every Card must uniquely match a pointed STB, and then they can work normally.

  • Pre-Authorization

Pre-authorization of the smart card, operators can quickly issue smart cards and set-top boxes to subscribers to watch the specified program within a certain duration without having to manually authorize them. 

  • Authorization Management

The very important and basic function of the CA system is entitlement management. The Dexin Ensurity can support complete entitlement information. It could support the start time and expiration time in one entitlement command. In this way it could support the different strategies of entitlement commands sent by SMS, such as Pre-Authorization; Sectoring authorization; Entitlement Auto-expiration. 

  • Operator ID-based CA system---Ensurity 2.0

Operator ID-based CA system, STB can only work with the corresponding operator ID cards.


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