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4 in 1 IRD with Cam
4 in 1 IRD with Cam

4 in 1 IRD with Cam

Product ID : STSS-9948
Product Attributes :

Input: 4*Tuner input (DVB-C,T/T2,ISDBT,S/S2/S2X optional), F type

Input: 1*ASI input for re-mux, BNC interface

Output: 48*SPTS over UDP,RTP/RTSP,1000MBase-T Ethernet 

4 groups BNC interface, for RF or IP in passthrough(one-to-one)

Product Description


STSS-9948 4 in 1 IRD with Cam is a new design that integrates demodulation (DVB-C, T/(T2), ISDBT, S/S2/S2X), de-scrambler, and multiplexing in one case to convert RF signals into TS output. It is a 1-U case that supports 4 tuner inputs, 1 ASI, and IP. The 4 CAMs/CIs accompanied can descramble the program's input from encrypted RF, ASI, and IP. The CAM requires NO unsightly external power cords, cables, or additional remote control devices. The BISS function is also embedded to descramble programs from any input. To meet customers’ various requirements, it is also designed to re-mux programs from any input, and output TS over 48 SPTS &4MPTSUDP, RTP/RTSP.

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* 4 Tuner inputs(DVB-C/ T/ (T2)/ ISDBT/ S/ S2/S2X optional)    

*1 ASI& 4 IP(UDP) input

*One CAM can decrypt multiple programs from Tuners/ ASI/ IP

*Support BISS descrambling (Up to 120 Mbps)

*IP (48 SPTS, 4 MPTS) over UDP and RTP/ RTSP output;

*4 groups of independent ASI out for tuner/ IP pass through(one-to-one)

*Support maximum128 PID mapping per input

*Support Diseqc function

*LCD display, Remote control, and Firmware, web NMS management

*Updates via web

*High quality and breakthrough price

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Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter of Technical Parameter of 4 in 1 IRD with Cam

Order Guide

Please specify both the Demodulation module and Tuner Input options when you place an order:

Demodulation1:1*Demodulation module, 2 CAM/CI Slots

Demodulation2:2*Demodulation module, 4 CAM/CI Slots

Input option1:2*DVB-S/S2/S2X tuner

Input option2:2*DVB-C/T/ISDB-T tuner

Input option3:2*ATSC tuner

Input option4:4*DVB-S/S2/S2X tuner

Input option5:4*DVB-C/T/ISDB-T tuner

Input option6:4*ATSC tuner

Input option7:2*DVB-S/S2/S2X tuner + 2*DVB-C/T/ISDB-T tuner

Input option8:2*DVB-S/S2/S2X tuner + 2* ATSC tuner

Input option9:2*DVB-C/T/ISDB-T tuner + 2*ATSC tuner

How many CAMs to buy? 
  1. Check which frequency points to the encrypted programs you needed from? And how many frequency points do your programs need to use?

    One frequency point needs to use one CAM

  2. Check whether the frequency point just included less than 8 of the encrypted channels.

    If there are more than 8 encrypted channels in one frequency point For every more than 8 channels, a CAM needs to be added.

  3.  As you can see from the below photos, a slot is equipped with 2 CAMs and supports 2 smart cards

    IRD Cam slot.jpg

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