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IP to ASI Gigabits IP Gateway
IP to ASI Gigabits IP Gateway

IP to ASI Gigabits IP Gateway

Product ID : STGI-7105
Product Attributes :

Input: 2IP*1000M network serial input 

Output: 12 ASI output

Support: IP to ASI one-way conversion

Product Description


STGI-7105 IP to ASI Gigabits gateway is a head-end interface device which is used for DVB ASI and Ethernet . As a kind of IP receiver, this device can recover UDP database received from the transporting device into TS stream and then output it through the ASI output interfaces. Moreover, it has the function to resist the IP transporting jitter, and to restore the PCR of the TS stream. This device can maximum receive 12 channel IP and output 12 ASI, also, it can simultaneously transmit the 12 IP stream into 12 TS stream.


Supports IP to ASI one-way conversion

Supports double GE ports, and inputs 1Gps data

Supports UDP, unicast and multicast mode, and 1GMP V2/V3

Supports 12 ASI output channel, and each channel has two ASI ( the same data) interfaces

The maximum conversion channel of IP to ASI is 12, and the maximum bit-rate in each channel is 108Mbps, the maximum total bit-rate is 840Mbps

Supports to eliminate the IP transport jitter, and can correctly restore the PCR of TS stream

LCD&Keyboard operation; NMS/SNMP management

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter of IP to ASI Gigabits IP Gateway

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