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4 sdi streaming encoder
4 sdi streaming encoder

4 sdi streaming encoder

Product ID : STR-3014S
Product Attributes :

Input: 4 SDI & 4 audio signal input

Encoding: h.264 

Output: 4 IP 

Support:RTSP / RTP / RTMP / HTTP / UDP unicast, multicast and other protocols

Product Description


STR-3014S 4 channels SDI streaming encoder is a high-definition professional video and audio encoding product. It receives an SDI signal and outputs IPTV streaming, like a live stream. The SDI interface is 4 HD SDI or 4 SD SDI audio and video. And the encoder also has 4channels with 3.5MM independent external audio inputs, with SDI loop output for SDI audio and SDI video. The encoder SDI interface encodes and output dual-stream H.264 format, audio MP3 / AAC format. Instead of coaxial cables transmission, the video signals are output through optical fiber or internet cable. 

The encoding bit rate is adjustable, and the picture quality can be controlled. 

The SDI video encoder supports HTTP / RTSP / RTP / RTMP / UDP and other protocol transmissions. Easy to use, there are no hardware compatibility issues.


◆Embedded hardware coding

◆ Standard 1U rack type


◆ Support multiple displays of one computer at the same time

◆ Supports direct network connection without using an HD capture card

◆ Network interface adopts 1000M full-duplex mode

◆ 4-channel SDI interface input, 4-channel 3.5MM independent audio interface input.

◆ Support external independent audio input and audio gain, and the volume can be adjusted independently

◆ Support SD SDI input and HD video input up to 720P, 1080P

◆ Supports RTSP / RTP / RTMP / HTTP / UDP unicast, multicast and other protocol

◆ Compatible with streaming media servers such as Wowza / FMS / RED5, and cooperate with streaming media servers to push DC to achieve live video

◆ Supports multi-protocol and multi-stream functions such as primary and secondary. 

◆ Bit rate control CBR / VBR 16KBIT / S ~ 12MBIT / S

◆ Video packing method: A mode: FFMPEG, B mode: VLC

◆ Support stream resolution custom output settings

◆ Transmission method: TCP, UDP, 1000M (RJ45 duplex network port)

◆ Support code stream to add watermark function (OSD), XY axis, the font can be set

◆ Support WEB Chinese and English webpage access, change passwords, support WAN remote management (WEB)

◆ Support DHCP to obtain IP automatically, support one-click restore, version upgrade, and remote maintenance.

◆ Image settings: contrast, brightness, hue, saturation, noise detection, sharpness, filtering

◆ Support both built-in and external ways, support left and right channels.

◆ Support one-click to restore the default configuration, support no video signal encoding, the setting takes effect immediately without restarting

◆ Support STB decoding

◆ Low power consumption design

Technical Parameter

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