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Fujitsu H264 1080P HD IP Encoder
Fujitsu H264 1080P HD IP Encoder

Fujitsu H264 1080P HD IP Encoder

Product ID : STHD-5518
Product Attributes :

Input: 8HDMI(SDI),1ASI


Encoding: MPEG4 AVC/H.264

Resolution: 1080P

Product Description


STHD-5518 8-in-1 MPEG-4 AVC H.264 HD IP Encoder is a professional HD audio & video encoding and multiplexing device with powerful functionality. It is equipped with 8 HDMI (4 HDMI) channels input or HD SDI input supporting MPEG4AVC/H.264 High Profile code format and 1 ASI input. For audio encoding, the screaming encoder support MPEG-1 layer2( AAC optional). The HD encoder can multiplex the ASI input TS with the 8 encoded SPTS to generate an MPTS output with the inserted PSI/SI information. It also supports 8SPTS IP video streaming output. The max resolution of the IP encoders is 1080P, and the main chip is Fujitsu. In conclusion, the Fujitsu h264 encoder is highly integrated and cost effective, and widely used in a variety of digital distribution systems such as CATV digital head-end, satellite, terrestrial digital TV, etc.

Fujitsu h264 encoder photo.jpg

Principle Chart

principle chart of HD ip encoder


Support 8 HDMI channels input & 1 ASI Input

Support H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.0 video encoding

Audio: MPEG1 Layer 2 (HE-AAC V2/AAC-LC optional)

Support PSI/SI editing and inserting

Support VBR/CBR video encoding 

Support MPTS or 8 SPTS UDP IP Output

Support IP null packet filter

Real-time output bit-rate monitoring

LCD / keyboard and SNMP control

Update device through NMS port

Technical Parameterdata sheet for Fujitsu h264 encoder

If you want to know---

How to transmit IP streaming in the same network segment?

  1. make sure the mac address is not FFFFFFFFFFFF

  2. set the service IP address and output IP address in the same segment network.

    and  make sure it's different with the NMS IP address segment

    for example: nms:        service ip:    output ip:

  3. make sure the received device IP address is the output IP address


If you need 24HDMI as input

Higher Resolution 4K
24hdmi as input 1080P encoder.jpghd ip encoder photo.jpg


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